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It was funny how abruptly and entirely necessary this vision had become. From that first little touch, the whole world had shifted. Where before there was just one thing I could not live without, now there were two. There was no division - my love was not split between them now; it wasn’t like that. It was more like my heart had grown, swollen up to twice its size in that moment. All that extra space, already filled. The increase was almost dizzying.

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Tylena Appreciation Event

day 2.: favourite headcanon

elena searched her boyfriend matt for over an hour. when she finally found him, she saw him flirting with another girl. she got upset and left the party, even though her friends, bonnie and caroline, tried to stop her. as soon as elena was out of the door, tyler ran after her, to comfort her. while they talked, elena saw another side of tyler. a side that nobody else but her have seen. of course tyler wouldn’t let elena walk at home alone this late. so they walked to elena’s house in silence. when they arrived, they noticed the tension between them. they both wanted to kiss each other so badly, but they knew it wasn’t fair for matt. thats why the only kiss they shared in this night were in their dreams.